Syndicate Rules and Regulations
Last updated 4th Jan 2018

These rules are made and enforced by the game admin (Balamoosh). They apply to EVERY aspect of the game- message boards, mails, chat etc..

  • 1. Players need to be 18 years or older. This is a mature themed crime game.

  • 2. One account per person. If discovered or even suspected using multiple accounts then expect punishment. A single account gives you two characters, you don't need more. If you want your flatmate/partner/spouse/kid to play too and they're on the same IP as you they'll have to use one of the two character slots on your profile.

  • 3. No account sharing. Whatever happens on your account is your responsibility

  • 4. No scripting, automated clickers, macros etc. Even if suspected, you'll be banned.

  • 5. No posting of adult/pornographic pics/vids anywhere.

  • 6. Excessive and constant racist, sexist or similar hateful remarks won't be tolerated. Remember you have the ability to block people though- you can choose what you see.

  • 7. No harmful insinuations or accusations about a players personal life or his/her family. Sharing another players personal details (out-of-game messages, phone numbers, photos, addresses etc) without their consent, or threatening another player in real life will result in a ban.

  • 8. Use of proxy servers are not allowed. VPNs or any similar IP/port forwarding services or tools will be treated the same as proxies

  • 9. Exploiting bugs, glitches, attempting to 'hack' or modify code/database contents or similar activities will land you with a ban.

  • 10. Accusations of cheating or rule violations (including sneaky or clever insinuations) are strictly forbidden. Report suspicions and proof ONLY to Balamoosh

  • 11. No suggesting or accusing the game admin of taking sides, showing favoritism, or cheating. Being constantly disrespectful, rude, or unco-operative with him will see your guest status revoked. As will 'making up stuff' to cast him in a bad light.

  • 12. Advertising other games or encouraging other players to leave is not allowed. If you don't like it, don't play.

  • 13. No bypassing the profanity filters on the boards, chat, mail etc. If people want to see obscenities they'll turn their filter off- like you have.