Syndicate Rules
(Last updated 19th July 2018)

This site is ran by the admin (Balamoosh) solely as a hobby, not a business. If you can follow the rules below you are welcome to stick around;

  • 1. You may only create and own a single account.

  • 2. Use of proxy servers are not allowed. VPNs or any similar IP/port forwarding services or tools will be treated the same as proxies

  • 3. Sharing your account or allowing others to log into it is forbidden.

  • 4. No scripting, automated clickers, macros, or similar software

  • 5. Exploiting or sharing game bugs, glitches, oversights, or 'hacks'. Report them instead and get a reward.

  • 6. Social violations - These apply to ANY areas of the site where users can post content (chat, message boards etc). Generally the admin will speak to or warn offenders before banning for these.

    • A) Direct or indirect speech/imagery that is racist, sexist, misogynistic, or hateful towards someones sexual preference, religion, etc

    • B) Pornographic, sexually explicit or graphically violent material whether depicted in images or text.

    • C) Personal Information - Posting others real-life contact details, info (real or not), images, or hurtful/sensitive IRL insults and jokes. Real life criminal accusations/insinuations against others are strictly NOT allowed and may land you in serious legal trouble. To be safe, keep all content game-related.

    • D) Bypassing the profanity filters. Those that WANT to see cursing can turn the filters off in Settings.

    • E) Publicly accusing other players/admins of cheating or breaking rules, direct or indirect. Use the REPORT feature.

    • F) Impersonating other players or admins

    • G) Spamming, promoting, or advertising other games or products

    • H) Encouraging, baiting, or tricking someone to break the game rules, hand over account information, or leave the game.

    • I) No posts discussing, protesting, questioning or complaining about administrative actions against yourself or others. Administrative actions are the result of rule violations.

    • J) Being disrespectful, uncooperative, rude, or aggressive to the admin. The old classic 'favoritism' accusation is also forbidden, since you aren't aware when your 'opponents' get spoken to, muted, warned, or banned.

If someone is being insulting, offensive or making you feel uncomfortable (but not quite violating rules), go to their profile page and BLOCK them. You can also block anonymous content in SETTINGS if needed.

If you suspect someone breaking a rule, please use the MISC > REPORT feature ingame. The admin will investigate and if necessary speak privately to, mute, warn, or issue bans. The rules and punishments for breaking them are NOT up for interpretation or discussion and the admin always has the final say.